About Us

Welcome to the Uncommon Stock Report.  This is a space to learn about personal finance, investing, and business in general together.  We try to offer our readers accurate information that can improve their personal financial situation.  Our goal is to be financially independent.  We think it is everyone’s goal.  You will see that theme repeated from time to time.

We are not part of the financial services industry and have nothing to sell.  The blog is written by people who have experience in manufacturing, engineering, energy, and life.  We believe we have insight into the American business world that other writers don’t have.  We work, save, and invest to improve our lives just like you.  We will share what we learn in the weekly blog.  We make every effort to alert you to potential conflicts of interest.  We will always tell you if we own a stock or other investment we suggest.

Our philosophy is conservative and we strongly believe in self reliance.  We think everyone should earn their own way in the world and provide for themselves.  Our parents and grandparents made it in the world without help and we believe we should also.

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